Our Story

Introducing sylk M sally: an embodiment of elevated lifestyle and sophistication. Dive into refined aesthetics as we curate a unique dining experience. Guided by Maria's discerning eye, we explore ancient traditions and unearth hidden gems worldwide, collaborating with her friend Ipek AKA Sylk and master artisans like Zeynep, Salih, and other talented women, each generation honing their craft. Our collection seamlessly blends heritage and modern allure, featuring hand-dyed linens, bespoke plate chargers, coasters, and napkin rings, all evoking wonder and indulgence.
From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, our luxury pieces express your style and individuality, transforming every occasion into an exquisite tableau that sparks conversations and ignites the senses.
sylk M sally celebrates life, turning every gathering into an extraordinary experience.
Explore our handpicked collection where artistry and culture intertwine, creating cherished legacies passed down through generations. Embrace opulence, refined taste, and a celebration of life with sylk M sally, where your table becomes a canvas of rich heritage and timeless elegance.
Immerse yourself in a world where beauty and life's celebrations effortlessly intertwine. Elevate your table with sylk M sally and unleash your inner artist, transforming it into a masterpiece.